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Check out this hot exclusive interview my man & upcoming producer D-Dub snagged with Collie Budz. With his clean-cut image but impressive lyrical flow, Collie Budz is definitely an artist to watch…he’s set out to some BIG THINGS!

Str8NYC: First and foremost I would like to give you congrats on how well the single “Come Around” is doing. That joint is fire!

CB: Yeah Man …Bless

Str8NYC: Who did the production for “Come Around”?

CB: That tune was done by a producer right here in New York. We sampled a Berres Hammond song. Actually the band was called The Pow, Berres Hammond was the lead singer it….. ya know. A tune called the “The Last War.”

Str8NYC: Is most of your album outside production or is it you?

CB: I record everything my self. Everything that was recorded was recorded by me . I would run from the booth to the board…and what not. A lot of production… We got Black Chiny did some production, and Massive B. Tony Kelly executive produced the album …he’s got a couple of tracks on the album. I’m trying to get some Jamaican producers like Don Corleon and Steve McGregor

Str8NYC: As far as reggae music is concerned what are some of your influences growing up?

CB: I definitely love all types of music… But growing up it was nothing but reggae. There was a little hip hop influence back when the fugees came out. They were huge in Bermuda. It was mainly reggae growing up though.

Str8NYC:How was the transition living in these different places? Was it easy?

CB: I was born in New Orleans ….right? My pops passed when I was four. So, my moms was Bermudian and she wanted to raise me and my brother back home where she is from. So we went back to Bermuda. Going to school in Florida wasn’t too hard of a transition…..close to the ocean…ya know. You get to see the palm trees it was like nothing…ya know

Str8NYC: Did you collaborate with any artist outside of reggae or was it straight reggae features?

CB: We got a couple features on the album. Actually young buck just hopped on the remix for “Come Around”. Also got crazy bone on the record, lloyd banks, paul wall. Me and bounty killer works with a tune right now not sure if it’s gonna be on the album, but we definitely got a tune coming out. Busy Signal is also the other remix to come around the on e that’s on a old Supercat riddim. Remember Supercat and Biggie’s “Dolly”?

Str8NYC: Yeah

CB: That same riddim

Str8NYC: Word! ….I gotta make sure I bus that first…. How did you get the name Collie Buddz?

CB: My brother gave me the name. My name is Collin right they started called me Collie. Then the herbs came into it and from early teens. And buddz came after that I don’t know some how it happened. Its just branded basics.

Str8NYC: How did it feel shooting “Come Around” in Jamaica?

That was a wicked experience…. I wouldn’t trade it for anything It was just a nice vibe down there ya …nuh. At first I was thinking…. oh shit ya…nuh …this white boy is coming here like another Snow. Everybody is very welcoming it was a really good feeling like. Ras kas who directed the video is wicked at what he does. He is on point and he is well respected down there too. Passa Passa was definitely an experience it was my second time going to passa passa I was there a month earlier doing some promotional tings. Passa Passa….that experience it was amazing… nothing but vibes.

Str8NYC: I love going back to …..Yard. Speaking of traveling how was Europe?

CB: That was my first time out in Europe. It was a successful tour. Chin from Irish and Chin hooked it up for us. Where ever a big sound (DJ Set) was playing they would just promote me as well. We went to England , Italy, France, Amsterdam, Sweden, and Germany. They got a different taste in music ova there ya…..nuh. They definitely appreciate everyting.

Str8NYC: How do you classify yourself as an artist in comparison to other reggae artist?

CB: Well I try to keep my thing original. I wouldn’t compare my self to other artist. Im sure they are definitely influences in there, but subconsciously they are coming out ya …nu I’m saying. i have been compared to people like Sean Paul and all that there. I don’t think my style is anything like that, its definitely original and I’m trying to keep it that way.

Str8NYC: I thought your sound was crazy when first heard it. Can you tell us a little about the album and what can we expect?

CB: The album is gonna be a nice mix of everything man. I’m trying to keep it versatile. You heard “Mamacita” right? …

Str8NYC: Yeah

CB: I produced that riddim actually and Tony Kelly just fixed it up to make it sound a little betta. A nice mix if dancehall some slow roach music the one drop and a little soca and hip hop.

Str8NYC: Definitely from what I have already heard and from what you’re telling me. It is no wonder this album is so highly anticipated.

Yeah man …..respect . I will be here for the rest of the month just check de myspace page for the dates….ya nuh .

Str8NYC: Well congrats on the successful smash hit single we look forward to hearing more great music from you.

CB: Yeah man …..respect!

You can also check out Collie Buddz live freestyle on the Cipha Sounds Effect YouTube channel…so HOT!

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