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Words by J’More

After doing a seven year stint in the pen and an unsuccessful run with Universal, Alfamega is finally turning a negative into a positive thanks to his recruitment into T.I.’s Grand Hustle Entertainment. With over 1,700 written songs, three screen plays and penned a non-fiction under his belt, Alfamega is looking to change the hip hop game.

Currently, Alfamega has the streets buzzing with his latest single “Uh Huh” and not to mention he’s worked with everyone in the industry from Busta Rhymes to Rick Ross. No word if they’ll appear on his soon to be released debut album I Am Alfamega, but one thing is for sure the 6’4” protegee is making a name for himself.

Although he was an hour late for the one on one, he definitely made up for the time lost with his personality and charm. Being pressed for time we got straight to business.

Str8NYC: How did you get into rapping? Some people write based on personal experiences, so what made you pick up a pad and pen?

Alfamega: I had a lot of time on my hands. I was in prison.

Str8NYC: Oh, I read that.

Alfamega: Laughs

Str8NYC: You obviously impressed Beanie Siegel with your lyrical skills, he offered you a deal but you turned him down. Now, there are a lot of hungry rappers trying to break into the game who wouldn’t have even thought twice about accepting the offer, so what made you turn him down?

Alfamega: He had a big roster. Beanie had a big roster of artists. So he was trying to put out all of his artists. He’s the hell of a business man though. Anybody that wants to learn about the music business that’s who they need to holla at.

Str8NYC: So, every artist now is putting the “T-Pain” effect on their tracks.

Alfamega: Laughs.

Str8NYC: You ain’t feelin’ that right?

Alfamega: That’s their thing.

Str8NYC: You’ve been compared to Pac and Big, how does that feel? I know that’s like major.

Alfamega: It feels good. It feels good, but it’s a heavy load.

Str8NYC: Why is it a heavy load?

Alfamega: Cuz those two have a big pair of shoes to fill. I’m just trying to fill the Alfamega shoes. It’s real good to be compared to some of the greatest.

Str8NYC: T.I. is facing a year in jail. Do you feel like this will affect your career?

Alfamega: He gonna be alright. I’m going to be alright. Settin everything up, everything gonna be alright while he’s gone. This is Grand Hustle every day. You ain’t on your grand hustle right now? You on your job right now. That’s a grand hustle!

Str8NYC: That’s true. You’re right I am hustling right now! Trying to make it.

Alfamega: That’s the thing, you gotta call it the grand hustle. It’s a Grand Hustle cuz you do everything big and smooth.

Str8NYC: Lately everyone from Maino to Ne-Yo have taken shots at Yung Berg. How do you feel about industry beef?

Alfamega: Yung Berg that’s my little man. I’m the one who squashed the beef with him and Maino. That was me. That was me that played a part in that. I’m the one who called Maino and called him (Yung Berg) and put them on the phone together and told him to apologize to Maino. That’s me. I been known Berg since he like was 14, 15.

Str8NYC: Word, well give him a little bit of advice. Tell him to stop talking crap.

Alfamega: He not talkin. He not talkin crap. It’s like… you know what I’m saying. Like you ever had it sometimes that people look at your size and think you’re not going to do anything and you had to say something about it. Like leave the fuck alone. So Berg do that a lot. With the beef that happened with him and Trick Trick. You know, like I told him that I don’t think Trick Trick had nothing to do with it.

Str8NYC: Ten years from now, where do you see yourself?

Alfamega: I see myself bringing out artists. You should have said five years from now.

Str8NYC: Oh okay. Well, five years from now.

Alfamega: Bringing out artist. Doing movies.

Str8NYC: Thank you!

Alfamega: *Kisses my hand*


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