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The whole world must have been in shock when Barack Obama was projected as the 44th President of the United States. For R&B hunk, Usher he couldn’t even utter a single word as he was left “speechless” by Obama’s triumphant win over McCain’s old ass. Usher supported Obama from beginning till the end as he joined Diddy, Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige rallying voters the day before the historic election. According to Usher, he is pleasantly stunned that Obama is the first Black president of the United States because it proves that Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and those who contributed to the Civil Rights Movement truly made a real difference. He says,

“This will go down in history, in black history, for all of the sacrifices that the great Joseph Lowery and Martin Luther King made; this actually pays off for their sacrifice. The great Rosa Parks. So many people sacrificed for us to have a voice. It was one thing to have a voice but, to eventually know the best way to use it and then it grows into this, it’s just incredible. I’m speechless. I don’t even know what to say”.

This nation is finally taking a new direction. Too bad Dr. King and many others didn’t live long enough to see the “Dream” come true…they’d be so proud! My President is BLACK!

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