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keyshiajeezy.jpgLooks like Keyshia Cole is going to be pushing a baby stroller very soon. Word on the street is Keyshia Cole is preggo with Jeezy’s seed. Snitches say Jeezy’s been running his mouth all over town telling everyone that Keyshia is having his baby. Ugh…I just wonder how that baby is going to look. Hopefully he/she takes after Keyshia.

diddycameron.JPGSeems like Diddy’s got jungle fever… again! First it was Sienna Miller, now he’s hooking up with Justin Timberlake’s ex-boo, Cameron Diaz. He was spotted with shorty at a Hollywood restaurant. Snitches say that they came in together, but left seperately. Hmmm…trying to pull a Bigga move I see. Snitches also say that they shared a booth and were all up in each other’s grill. If this is in fact true, then Diddy has lost some cool points. Come on now, Cameron Diaz??? Diddy can definitely do way better than that!

remymartinpapoose.jpgAccording to AllHipHop, Papoose and Remy Ma plan to walk down the aisle as husband and wife this summer. Egypt of BET’s “The Black Carpet” confirmed the news, saying that Remy dished out the details. Now, hold up! Did they ever announce that they were even dating?!? One things for sure, Fat Joe’s definitely right…Remy does have diarrahea of the mouth cuz Papoose claims they’re only just friends! Poor girl is desperate for some love…

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