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This morning I tuned into Hot 97′s Miss Jones & the Morning for my daily juice. The special guest was Tamika Scott, former member of the RnB group Xscape (memba, them?!). Well shorty came on the show and dished some serious dirt. She addressed the Xscape break-up, a possible reality show in the works, T.I. & Tiny’s arrest, and Jermaine Dupri and his shady dealings. As you may or may not know, Jermaine Dupri has a new book out entitled “Young, Rich, and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul.” Well in the memoir, JD talks about Xscape’s break-up…saying something to the effect “the group simply grew apart.” Tamika Scott dropped a bomb on that and said the real reason behind the group break-up was because of Kandi’s men-loving ways. Now we all know LaTocha (chubby one) and Kandi were always singing lead on most songs, if not all. But what we didn’t know is that once Kandi began sleeping with JD, the entire dynamic of the group changed. Kandi felt since she was sleeping with bossman, she was entitled and priveledged to more solo shine…however JD was very clear about LaTocha’s natural talent and superior abilites and wound giving her more shine which of course pissed Kandi off. Kandi began hating on LaTocha and subsequently her younger sis, Tamika Scott. So that’s why the group split. Eventhough Kandi co-wrote TLC’s hit “Scrubs”, Tamika made it very clear Kandi only got the gig b/c she slepted with producer Shakespeare and a plethora of other producers. Talk about Fuck** for tracks!

Here are the ladies in happier times. Who knew Kandi was such a industry jump-off chick! Now before ya’ll go on and say homegirl is just hating on Kandi…let it be known Tamika has laid down a good foundation for herself with all the writing she’s been doing and working with Tyler Perry. And ya’ll know how Tyler Perry is with all that gift-giving. Tamika is doing pretty well for herself with all them publishing checks coming in…Word is she’s also working on a solo album coming out real soon.

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