About Us

STR8NYC is a website dedicated to music news and happenings. We scour the music scene the world over and bring you news that’s fit to print, full of interesting topics, loaded with controversy and generally must-read news and what-not. We have an easy-go-lucky approach to what we are doing here, and hopefully achieve the effect of being cool, classy and laid back folks who care only about promoting music.

In recent years, because of the growth of Youtube and other music sharing sites and apps, the music industry is taking a new horizon in terms of audience. Music has become more accessible now more than ever before. As such, there is an expected growth in the music consumer’s market. Due to this fact, we cannot deny that the trend towards globalization is also true in the music world.

We are fortunate enough to be at the forefront of these new channels and new avenues of expressionism. We believe that music, after all is the universal language, which anybody the world over could “understand“. Being one of the trailblazers, we hope to keep the fire burning and pass on the torch to the next generation of music lovers, music makers and music enthusiasts everywhere.

Technology has made it easier for us to do all these things. All you need is a computer and you may be able to write, music, produce music videos, promote your music around the world-all from the comfort of your home. This is certainly a ground-breaking phenomenon, which will help shape the history of the music industry from here onwards.