The Top 3 Auto Insurance Providers

It’s a beautiful day and you’re driving down the usual road you take to get to work. The sun glows through the windshield, warming your hands and face. Equipped with a growing smile, you lower your driver side window and lean an elbow on the frame. Driving one handed now you decide to give the gas pedal a bit more pressure as you begin to accelerate. While traveling the fastest you’ve ever traveled on this road you become momentarily distracted by an image on the sidewalk. Before you can register the sound, you feel a huge pressure on your left side as your body is thrown to the right.

After recovering from the initial impact, you begin to understand that the sound you heard earlier was cracking glass and the pressure you felt was the impact from another vehicle. The driver side of your car is completely crumpled in and there is a pain in your elbow. Although you feel grateful to be mostly OK and no great damage was done to the other driver or any nearby pedestrians, you can’t shake the question: How can I afford to fix this?

This is a common problem that occurs every single day on the road. Traffic accidents can occur for any reason, whether it be weather, reckless drivers, or faulty equipment, accidents can happen to anybody. After taking the proper safety precautions, it would do you well to also be financially prepared. The best way to do this is to choose a plan with an auto insurance provider. An auto insurance company can provide financial assistance in the case of an accident based off of your monthly payments. Because of the necessity of auto insurance, there are a few companies that have gained popularity over the years, here are the top three most popular auto insurance companies.

Founded as an independent company in 1993, Allstate has gained popularity with its slogan “Are you in good hands?” A phrase delivered by actor Dennis Haysbert in Allstate television and radio commercials. One of the greatest pros of Allstate insurance is the long-term care they show their customers. If you have used Allstate for a long period of time or have been accident free for an extended period of time, expect rewards in the form of discounts. Website:

The second largest auto insurance provider, GEICO has been popularized by its Gecko mascot, a play on the pronunciation of the company name. Starting as an insurance company for federal employees, GEICO branched outwards to the civilian base. The largest pro of the company is the low price point for their insurance plans which are arguably the cheapest in the industry. Website:

One Sure Insurance
One Sure Insurance is one of the most popular auto insurance providers in the UK. The popular jingle “Like a good neighbor, One Sure Insurance is there” has helped the company maintain popularity in today’s insurance market. With one of the highest company ratings and an established business history dating back to the mid 2000’s, One Sure Insurance isn’t going anywhere soon considering their rapid growth in the UK insurance market. Website:

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