STR8NYC Co-Sponsors Lollapalooza

On August 6-7, the annual Lollapalooza Concert will be held at the Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois. We have gathered together some of the most popular and hottest EDM bands, hip-hop artists, punk, rock and heavy metal bands to jam with the audience to their heart’s content. This special event is co-sponsored by STR8NYC, in cooperation with Reddit¬†plus many other sponsors and guests.

Lollapalooza is an annual gathering of musical acts which has been going on for more than 20 years now. Aside from musical shows, there will also be activity booths as well as stalls selling handicrafts and other memorabilia. The success of this event lies in the support it gets from music afficionados the world over.

It has been held in different countries, as well, during the past few years, from Brazil to Mexico,from Barcelona to Costa Rica. Anywhere there’s a lot of people so passionate about music that they gather around to enjoy listening to it performed live on stage.

STR8NYC is proud to be associated with the event, and have been a strong supporter of it since we were organized as a group. It’s events like these that help promote music worldwide which we love to support and give our 100% efforts into. It’s well worth the sacrifice and investment in time and energy-all for the good of the music world.


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