Quest For New Musical Talent On

STR8NYC is sponsoring a talent search for the next big name in the music scene. As a self-proclaimed ambassador the the music industry, we at STR8NYC welcome the infusion of young blood into the thriving music industry. This will encourage more and more youth to participate in the music revolution leading to the next millennium. Musical talent is not hard to find, but sustaining a continuous growth in the music business takes more than just talent. Such talent need to be honed, refined, mastered in order to make music to last more than a lifetime.

In line with this, we are teaming up with other sectors of the music industry for the search and selection of the next big act to follow in the footsteps of great bands in recent years. There have been many promising acts in the past whom we have discovered who went on to become household names in the music business. Coldplayer was a virtual unknown a few years back, until one of our talent scouts saw them perform in a street corner in a festival somewhere down south.

There are many other similar success stories like the one above. And we continue to seek more talent as this would ensure the longevity and sustainability of the business model we are trying to cultivate here. This year, we garnered a lot of interest from musical acts looking to break into the mainstream. We hope to discover such next big thing via our Talent Search which we hold in the highest esteem. Major record labels like Sony will be watching our events closely, as they are looking for new talent to sign to their music label as well.

For those interested to join this event, you may do so by sending us a short message via our Contact page.


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