STR8NYC Joins Music Festival

The staff and crew of STR8NYC just got an invite to attend the Governor’s Ball Music Festival to be held in New York City in April. The invite includes backstage pass and All-Access pass for members of the press. ¬†The event will take place on the Hudson River on Randall’s Island.

It has been a while since a festival of these proportions will be held in the State of New York, and music fans are ecstatic of this development. Due to the difficulty in securing permits and the lack of available venues, music festivals have been shelved or moved to a different venue in the past couple of years. This year is going to be different, though, as plans are already in place to hold the festival in New York City.

The lineup for musical performances include a lot of big name bands and solo performers who are sure to wow the crowds with their unique musical talents. Musical acts like Chance The Rapper, Bono, Chainsmokers and more big acts will headline the event. There will be non-stop music playing and partying during the 3-day duration of the festival.

Tickets are available at the festival website. Interested buyers may also inquire through this website, just go to the contact page and fill out the form and send it to us. There will be many side shows and other forms of entertainment to please the crowds and make this a memorable event for everyone.

STR8NYC will have great vantage point during the event and will have first-hand access to some, if not most of the performers backstage. This will allow them to do quick interviews with whoever is available at the moment. There will also be a forum for media availability for interviews and other press releases in and around the venue.

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