Concert For A Cause

Members of the STR8NYC editorial and web team are spearheading a concert and fundraiser event for the benefit of Make-A-Wish Foundation, their partner foundation in all their outreach activities. The concert will also be a chance to let STR8NYC raise funds for their beneficiaries, who they have partnered with in a few other separate occasions in the past.

The concert will feature some local bands to the area, who are quite good actually. They have been opening acts for some major label bands who held concert in the area in recent months. This is their chance to showcase their talent even more and hopefully capture the attention of record labels on the lookout for fresh, new talent. Some notable bands to look out for are Atomic Ink, Autopilot, Rumble Beez, and many more in the lineup.

Ticket sales and other pledges and donations will be given to Make-A-Wish, through their community representative, whom we have invited to watch the concert. Immediately after the concert, we will present the check representing our donation to the foundation.

This is a good way to spread our compassion and humanity to others, by helping them out in their time of need. The group we chose to help is a very visible group, whose projects and endeavors are well publicised the world over. We know our efforts to help will go to a good cause, so we love to help out whenever we can because of this. We believe that people are innately good by nature, so we make it our nature to help those people who need help the most.

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