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Homie Carl caught up with 50 Cent where they discussed Drake’s upcoming success.

“I hear his record on the radio. He got a good buzz, I hear him. Shit, it wasn’t possible for my music to be on the radio when I was coming. You know mine’s was completely organic.“

50 also makes a point to insinuate Drake’s records are getting “worked”. In other words radio stations and/or djs are getting paid to play “Best I Ever Had” every 10 minutes. Interesting perception…

Is Drake really the next best thing?!


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6 Responses to “50 CENT ON DRAKE: “HE DOESN’T HAVE 50 CENT BUZZ””

  1. B Says:

    Drake is getting hyped up a little bit too much. I think he needs to put in more work. Hopefully his record sales match this hype. If not, there’s always acting-that’s something that most of these rappers sure as hell can’t do ;P

  2. J Says:

    50 is absolutely right. No record gets as much play as “Best I Ever Had” just because everyone thinks its “so good”. That song and that album are old as hell — why is it just killin radio now? Hell yeah it’s gettin worked. I think Drake is a talent though. So I don’t mind and I wish him the best.

    50 is one of the few people who truly sees the ins and outs of the business side of rap. I mean dude sees it crystal clear. It’s funny. If 50 wrote a book about the real behind the scenes shit that goes on in the rap game — I’d buy that before I buy another album of his…

  3. fiestypisces Says:

    The hype Drake is recieving is due to the success he’s earning solely from his mixtapes (no matter how old they are). How many of the artists we hear on the radio everyday can we say the same thing about?? 50 couldnt even get that much hype with studio albums! His hype is from his other ventures (Vitamin Water endorsement, movies, television, etc).
    BTW his song is just now getting on the radio because people are just now getting into his music. Most of his “fans” didnt even know he was on degrassi for all those years before he hit the stage.

  4. wisdombody Says:

    he might be right on this one bc he does get manager airplay across the u.s. and his video is being directed by kanye videos aren’t cheap so some money has to be coming from somewhere

  5. mike Says:

    Fisty is ass.

  6. thablackyoutube Says:

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