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Introduction:The “Trapeze,” club is the most prestigious and elite swingers club in the world. Millions of dollars was invested into the Trapeze establishments.The club has two locations, in the ATL and Florida. In 1997, the Florida club suffered $500,000 in fire damage.

This club has a waiting list for VIP candidates. On-site features include: Private lockers and showers and a private lagoon.

For Valentine’s Day, they were not accepting reservations and the menu included filet mignon and lobster tails. No single men were allowed entry on Valentine’s Day, the club was reserved for couples and single women only.

VIP candidates have to be approved by a governing board.

Like law enforcement, all swinger communities operate with a “wall of silence.” A reader once sent me a book on the swingers culture. When word leaked out that a prominent black female doctor and her equally prominent husband were swingers, she lost her practice and her husband also lost his job, they had to relocate and start a new life.

Trapeze like other swinger clubs-don’t discuss members. The source for this story is a former swinger who attended Trapeze weekly. She has now turned to religion. This is what she told us about the black celebrities in attendance.

Blind Item:

“I was there one evening when a black crack head celebrity came in, he reeked of alcohol and his eyes were red. He was holding his private parts as he leered at the women. His ego was demolished because nobody wanted to have sex with him. He got loud and tried to grope the women and dared any man to look at him. He was promptly thrown out.”

“Another night, a rap mogul strutted in. Women were surrounding him because of his wealth. He retired to one of the private rooms and engaged in group sex with several women.” After he left, a few of the women complained that he really wasn’t a good lover.”

“I engaged in sex with a male radio personality, known in the black communities across the country. He is a proud swinger and he was a good lover.”


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  1. ATLien Says:

    May seem odd…but this is not news in the “A”…. we’ve known about the Trap for some time now.

  2. his wife Says:

    Radio Personality: Michael Baisden!!!

  3. ladyfatstone Says:

    cracc head is either booby or flav(but i honestly think booby)

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  5. DA TRUTH Says:

    The crack head rapper is petey pablo for the record

  6. Seattle Slim/The Beatniks Says:

    Wow Atlanta………Wow

  7. LaTonya Hall Says:

    Michael Baisden is the radio personality!

  8. Kitty Says:

    I think the crackhead was Bobby too. He was married then and and lived in the A. The mogul was prolly Jigga man. If it was Diddy he’d a prolly been looking for something a bit more zestacular.

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